Friday, September 18, 2009

K-1 K-Life 2009 Dare To Dream Skits Part 1

Hello all my friends at K-1! I am starting to blog again. I know last year I wasn't consistant with it, but I am back and I plan on blogging every Tuesday and Friday!!! Hopefully it will all be fun stuff. My goal in this blog is to give you a little bit of kamp on Tuesday and Friday. It could be something about what we did last summer. It could be about things that we might do next summer. Sometimes I will post a poll and I will need your ideas. It could also be some fun things for you to do at home with your parents and friends. I will sometimes post a devotional for your day. TODAY I am excited to post one of the K-Life skits we did this summer. Yes, these are the videos that you laughed at so hard! I have all of them and will post them in the next few weeks! So grab your parents and friends and sit by the computer and enjoy a funny reminder from K-1! This summer the theme was dare to dream. We saw the adventures of our dream kids. Larry (4 years old), Carrie (3 years old) and Merriman (2 years old) and their adventures in their dreams of saving each other and sometimes saving Kanakuk.