Monday, February 28, 2011

Justin Beiber has a Viszla Dog!!!

If you read my post on Friday I told you that I was going to see the Justin Bieber Movie and I said that I would post what I thought. are my thoughts...

#1 - Its a fun movie.  Its clean and its postive.
#2 - It made me want to bust out the Kamp "One Time" dance when he performed it!  There was a K-1 girl at the movies with me.  She didn't come with me, she was there!  I bet she wanted to do the dance to!
#3 - In the middle of the movie Justin has to rest his vocal chords because he has over used them.  You see him sitting on the counch with a Viszla!  Piper is a Viszla!  I am not sure if that is his dog or not, but its his enough to let it on the couch with him!  Justin Bieber and I have the same dog!
#4 - In the movie it showed people wearing fun purple 3D glasses....I didn't get those!  I wish we had purple 3D classes!

Overall, I thought the movie was a fun movie.  It was really fun to see in 3D but I didn't like paying 3D prices!  As I left the movie theater I was thinking about it and here are some other thoughts that I had.

#1 -Justin seems like a good kid, but he seems to have it all at age 16.  That sounds great at first, but I can't imagine how hard that would be.  I hope that he stays grounded in what is important and lasting.

#2 - It sounds like he and his family believe in God.  (they pray before concerts)  I don't mean to be a downer but the music industry isn't the easiest place to be a light for Jesus.  He is going to have to make some hard decisions to really be a follower of Jesus.  I am sure he will mostly have pressure to do it they "popular way" or the way the world wants him to.  None of us are perfect, but I hope he looks to the Lord to help him and is not afraid to be different and bold.

#3 - I hope that he has good people in his life to help him along the way.  The movie shows that he has some fun people that work for him.  I think that is great but I hope there are people there to help him in life...not just his career as a singer.

#4 - I hope he stays fun, clean and positive!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Justin Bieber Movie

If you want to know where I am at 2:00 Saturday afternoon...but I will be at the Justin Bieber movie.  Well, that is if my friends can come with me.  I have not hear much about it but I figured since most of you guys were going to see it that I better be in the know.  I wasn't in the know about the acid washed jeans, so I am planning to stay on top of the trends for this one.  Moms, if you are reading and are in question about if you should let your kiddo go see it, I will come with a full report on Monday so stay tuned.  Leave some comments if you have seen it and let me know what you think.  Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The K-1 Staff is Hired

I have been waiting to post this because we had not contacted all of our staff for this summer, but the last couple of weeks Diane, Melissa, Callie and I have been hiring all the counselors, kitchies, and office girls for summer 2011!!!  Plus all the other directors hired for their camps.  Its official, contracts have been sent out and now we wait to see if what we offered everyone works for their summer.  What I think is so awesome to watch is the entire process of how God puts "working at a kamp" on someon'e heart and He somehow brings that someone to interview for Kanakuk.  God gets that applicant to Diane and I and then eventually helps us figure out what cabin she will be assigned to.  All that being said He hand picks your counselor for you!  He also handpicks the kitchie, cook or office girl that is assigned to your cabin!  I am so thankful that He uses me in the process but I am glad to know that its Him at work!

I remember when I was a kid I would ride the bus from Oklahoma City.  I was excited for kamp but the most talked about topic on that bus each year was "I wonder what my counselor will be like!"  For your laughter...a friend I went to camp with posted this picture on my facebook page.  Yep, that is me in the white shorts, striped shirt. and permed hair.  The bus in the back was my ride to camp.  My best friend is the one with brown hair standing next to me (the tall one, not the little girl in front).  We got to camp and found out we were not the same cabin.  We were sad at first but we saw each other everyday and we both had a blast!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fizzy Gene Part 2

Well, a week after Valentines Day Fizzy Gene posts another video.  If you missed his first one click here.  Here is his second one.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Crafty Friday

Well. this weekend I have time to get my "craft on" and I have found this on a website.  I have tried it and its really easy!  The Picture is not my handy work.  Its from this blog.  They put these on hair fun.  I have put mine on headbands, pins, hair clips.  I have even tried it with old thrift store ties.  I might sew those on a purse.  Try it out!  The possibilities are endless!!  All you need is fabric strips and a hot glue gun.  (You might need your mom to help ya!)

Click here for instructions!

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Say it Isn't Sooooooooooo!!!!!

Okay, I would not describe myself as a fashionista.  (I don't think fashionista's wear nike shorts and stained t-shirts for three months of every year....but they should :)  I know that I am not the most trendy person but I do think that working with kids and college students keeps me "in the know."  Yesterday I found out how much I was NOT in the know.  I ran into Target to pick up a few items and I walked passed the clothing section.  I walked right past the clothing stand...thought about what I saw....stopped...and turned around to confirm if I saw what I thought I did.  I did...ACID WASHED JEANS!!!!  Who brought back the 80s?  Okay, I could have had a clue when leggings got so popular...but I must admit, I love leggings.  But Acid Washed Jeans?????  I came home and googled it immediately.  I found out it was fashion week in NYC.  (Confirmed my non-fashionista status....every fashionista knows when that is happening)  Low and behold... all over 2011 Fall Fashion....ACID WASH jeans!  For those of you who don't know what they are, here is some celeb wearing them.  (found this picture at INSTYLE)

Here is another.  I got this from fashion police:

I used to have a pair of these.  In fact I had some in many colors.  I would wear them with my hightop Reboks.  (Laugh...but it was the style...just remember someday someone will laugh at what you wore when you were in Junior High :)  Anyway, here is a pic of how people "rocked" acid wash jeans when I was in elementary school.  ( I got this pic from "LikeTotally80s")

I must admit, they are a little more refined (alot less fringe) but I don't know if I can do it!  I have been ridiculed way to much for my 5th grade school pictures in my teal green acid washed guess jeans.  I just don't think I can relive the pain in 10 years when they are "so out of style" again and I am teased for wearing them.  When I was 10...I can claim innocence.  At age was my decision:)

Anyways...I am sure you all have a pair and wear them well.  I am sure I would see you in them and think you looked stylish.  I also wasn't teased when I wore them at age 10.  Just ten years later (like you tease your mom for her old style when she was your age :)  Which brings me to the point that some of your moms are my age (or just a little older)  If I was wearing Acid Wash jeans in elementary school, I am sure some of your moms were wearing them in Junior High or Highschool!  Be excited that you and your mom can share the same clothing styles...and your dad too!  You should ask them if they still have theirs!

Mom, if you are reading this.  You have most my gradeschool pics.  I tried to find a pic of me in some Acid Wash jeans and I know those pics exist.  Send them to me so I can post them!  I think I can rival this 80s lady above!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Whos is your valentine?  I thought I would share about mine.  This is my husband Lee.  (Isn't he cute :)

He has been my valentine for 6 years.  ( one year dating and 5 years Married)  I met him at Kanakuk Kamps (great place to meet your hubby...but not until your old enough...that was for you moms and dads!)

He makes me laugh

He makes me smile

He loves me no matter how weird I am (or clutzy here)

We have fun together

He loves the Lord and He challenges me in my walk with the Lord.  Happy Valentines Day to my hubby!  He was definitely worth EVERY BIT of waiting on Gods timing!!!!

I have another Valentine!  Yes, its true.  She is both of our valentines!  She has been our valentine for 3 Years now.  Here is she is as a puppy:

Here she is on the first day we got her:
Here is our cutie Today:

Happy Valentines Day from the Farley Family:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fizzy Gene

Do you remember Dru from kamp?  He was one of the crazy programs guys from this summer.  He was upfront at K-Life and he planned the parties.  During the year he goes to Seminary in Dallas and interns for K-Life part time.  This is a video he did for Highland Park K-Life.  Here is a good laugh for you.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Snow....Again

I thought I would simply post what I am feeling today.  I woke up this morning and looked out the window.  My neighborhood road is usually a busy one at 6 am.  Not today.  In fact you can't even tell the road is there.  No one has tried it...therefore I am not going to either.  We have had  few days of snow and my mom sent me this picture.  It expresses exactly what I feel today so I thought I would share it with you.

Bring on Summer!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Super Bowl

Well, Last night was the Super Bowl and my family was cheering hard for the Steelers.  Why?  Because Lee's side of the family all lives in Pittsburgh and are HUGE steelers fans!  When Pittsburgh was down in the second half we put the Terrible Towel on our dog Piper.  Here is a pic.  Two plays later they scored and got it within three  We thought we had found their ticket to win, but obviously it didn't work!  We did get a few laughs though.  She didn't like it as much as we did.

Anyway, one of my favorite things to do is watch the super bowl commercials.  Some of them are a little inappropriate in my book but there were a few that I absolutely loved.  Here are my top three.   (My favorite is at the end)

#3 I thought this was clever.  I think whoever thought this up won a contest.

#2 - I liked this one too. Maybe because I think my dog really has the strength to do this especially if I dangled a dorito in front of her.  I also could see my husband trying this and me saying "babe, don't hurt my dog."

#1 - This was my absolute favorite.  I smiled the entire time and really wanted to watch again.  Thanks to youtube I can! Oops looks like I can't embed it.  After you click Play, it tells you, you can't watch it.  Click on where it says "watch on youtube."  Enjoy!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A K-1 Kamper Spotlight....

There are many great things about my job.  One of the things that really makes my day, week, month...year is when I get to hear what the kampers at K-1 are up to.  I wish I could be at every soccer game, every school play, every dance competition, everything that a K-1 kamper does to cheer them on.  The problem is that I cannot and since I can't be everywhere I really rely on people letting me know what the K-1 kampers are up to.  K-1 has ages 7-13 kiddos and every year I am amazed what kid in those ages can accomplish.  Today, I found out about a K-1 camper.  Lucy Nickel, a k-1 month kamper last summer during term 1, wrote and memorized this speech.  It was so good that she was chosen to move onto the regional level to compete!  Not only that....a blog called "The Boot Scoop"  recognized her!  I couldn't find out fully what the Boot Scoop Blog is about but it seems to be its about supporting our troops, specifically wounded ones.  There are cool campaigns of how people, who once were in the military are helping to give back to those who have sacrificed their life and body for the freedoms of our country.  There are even celebrities on there who "put on their boots" to show they are committing to support the troops that come back.  I loved it because right there next to a blog about Troy Aikman ( a famouse retired pro quaterback) was Lucy!!!!  Way to go Lucy!  I wish I could be at the regional speech meet with a sign that says GO LUCY!!!!  The picture above is a screen shot of the blog where she is spotlighted.  Click here to read her awesome speech.  By the way Lucy, That speech was AWESOME!  Well said and really well written.  I wish more American's could honor their country like that!

By the way, I would love to honor more of you because I know you are out there doing GREAT stuff.  Send me an email or facebook me!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look at Kamp in the Snow

We got 8 inches of snow and I was trapped at my home.  Here is a picture of kamp in the snow
This is from Kay Holliday's House in Kamp.  You can see the rec dec. 
Here what it looks like at my office. (These are the buildings you see when you get off the bus the first day of kamp)

Its a winter wonderland at Kanakuk!