Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas 1988

Many of you know that Kanakuk has been apart of my life for a long time.  I was a kamper for 7 years and  I have now worked on staff with Kanakuk 15 years.  Of course my first 6 years were only working in the summers.  This summer I will have been here full time for 9 years!  Ladies, (I guess and gentlemen if my husband is reading) here is where it all began.  My first summer at Kanakuk was summer of 1989 but I had no idea that I was going to camp until my parents gave me Kanakuk for Christmas.  My best friend had gone the year before and had told me all about it.  I saw the video and was sold.  My parents claimed they had to "think about it" but little did I know that they had already signed me up.  When I was a kid there were only 4 camps.  You could go to K-1, K-2, K-3 (which is now K-West), and K-4 (which is now K-Kountry).  Since there was only 4 camps you had to sign up really early to get a spot.  They sent you a letter if you got a spot.  (They didn't have email back in the day)  My mom wrapped that letter up and put it under the tree.  Check it out:

Did you notice that I had a perm?  Its the only perm I have ever had and its the only perm I ever will have.  You probably cannot tell but I have on my Christmas PJs.  I got a pair every year.  There are three ducks holding up three wreaths.  At the top it says in big bold letters..."Duck the Halls". 

By the way, kamp is a great christmas gift moms and dads.  In my life it was the gift that kept on giving.  That summer (in 1989) I gave my life to Christ in Barn 5 at K-4 (K-Kountry)  Another great Christmas gift is sponsoring a kid to go to Kids Across America.  If you love kamp why dont you share it with someone who cannot afford to go to kamp.  Click here to find out more info  OR go to their website.  http://www.kidsacrossamerica.org/

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Christmas Advent Calendar

Sorry I have been gone for a little while.  I was away with much needed family time and not alot of time to jump on a computer!  I took a little sabbatical but I am back with some fun posts in store for you.  Well, its officially Christmas!  Last night I put my tree up.  I will share what is on my tree soon.  Today, I am going to share what My husband and I are doing.  We are going to do our first Advent Adventrue Calendar.  Each day I will post what is in our Calendar.  I am the one creating it but I can't post it now because Lee reads my blog!  It will ruin the suprise.  Each day we are going to do something fun in the Christmas Spirit.  Here is what my Advent Calendar will look like.

This is not my house, but I will post a picture of what mine looks like.  (I am going to use more Christmassy paper)  We will not start until Decemeber first of course!  Maybe you and your family can do something like this!  I have always wanted to do this when I had kids, but then Lee and I decided "Why Wait?"  Why not do our own this year!!!!!!  HEre are some other really fun advent calendars that I have found.  Maybe next year when I have more time I will make one.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Moments to Memories

This is one of my favorite parts to the New Kanakuk Movie. Watch and you will see all the old videos from kamp in all the background. This is video from the 50s probably. Isn't it cool that you have experienced alot of the same things as people long ago! I am so thankful that I get to work at Kamp!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Cool Thankful Idea

I found this and I thought this could be a fun project thanksgiving break.  You could make on of these and your family could put what they are thankful for all week and ready them during thanksgiving dinner!  You could even make this for a friend/family member and write all the reasons you are thankful for them.  Have fun!

Check out how to here.

Monday, November 15, 2010

You Have Much to Be Thankful For

As we approach Thanksgiving I want to post about how we can be Thankful and how we can help others. We are truly blessed to have clothes and food not to mention all the other stuff we have.  There are kids out there, your age, that have nothing. I want to tell you about Compassion International.  This is a fabulous ministry and I challenge all of you to get involved.  For 38 dollars a month you can help a child get food and medicine.  You can even pick the child you want.  They will send you a picture and you can pray for that child and really let them become a part of your family...even if they are hundres of miles away!  It could be a neat thing for your familty to do, or you and your friends could have a bake sale to raise money to sponsor a child for a year!  Here is the website.


Friday, November 12, 2010

This is Awesome!

Check this out.  This made my day.  Happy Weekend!

The story of Jonah from Corinth Baptist Church on Vimeo

Also!  Don't forget to vote for tim's video! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Fun Quiz For You

I found this quiz on a blog that I read. (moms you would love this blog) The quiz determines your personality based on colors you choose for different items.  Here are my results.  Here is what the Quiz Looks like.


Here are my results

My Thoughts: 
 On finances:  I don't know how picking gray for a house determines this but okay,  I do like to save my money.  I always had a piggy bank.  I don't think I have ever "moved in for the attack".  Maybe that means that I saved for something then bought it.  I definitely have "moved in for the attack" on a sale!

Appearance:  I do prefer a more casual appearance.  I have a job where I can where nice jeans to work!  I hope I don't look scruffy, but the reality is I do look scruffy more times than not in the summer.

The red flower:  False!  I would much rather talk about relationships than work!  But I guess my work is all about relationships....hmmm....how does it know me!  (Just kidding it doesn't.)

The Black Car:  It has nothing to do with image of friends.  I just like the look of the black car.  Ummm...most of my closet is from TJMAX.  They sell the "didn't sell" clothes.  I am thinking that I am not always up on the latest brands.  I do like nice jeans though.  My jeans and my tennis shoes are the things I wear the most (I run alot so I need good tennis shoes) and therefore are the things I spend money on.

Brown Teddy Bear - I would like to think this about myself, but my friends would be the authority on if I am there for them.  Thanks quiz for knowing what my goal in frienships are.  ( I also want to be compassionate towards friends.  I guess a brown teddy bear doesn't show that.  Maybe a pink one would.....)

Want to try it?  Click here.  Have fun (but don't take it too seriously.  God the one who really knows)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A School Bus Turned into a Vacation Home?

I found this on a website.  This guy turned a school bus into a home.  I think they use it when they go on vacation.  This is awesome.  Could you live out of a school bus?  I think it could be fun....for a little while!

Check his post out here. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Why I Love Kay Holiday

I know some of you have met Kay Holiday at Kamp in the summers.  If you have ever attended a donut social (because you have come to camp 4 years or more) you have met her.  If your parents were campers they probably know her.  She is the best.  Here are the top ten reasons I love Kay Holiday.  (There are 100s but I thought I would narrow it down to 10)

10.  She lives at kamp all year round.  ( no worries she is not at kamp, but her fully heated and airconditioned house is right smack dab in the middle of the K-1 girls side.  Didn't know it was there?  You might have to find it next summer)  Isn't that cool that she gets to see kamp in all its seasons?

9.  She played basketball for the University of Arkansas.  I am not a Razorbacks fan but I appreciate the Razorbacks. I think its cool that she played D1 basketball.

8.  She loves to fish.  I don't have patience for fishing but I love it that she does

7.  She loves coffee.  So do I!  I can always count on Kay to have coffee

6.  She never forgets a name.  She is so good with remembering people.

5.  She works so hard.  She loves kamp and does everything for kamp!

4.  She used to be a director at K-1 and K-Kountry. I wish I could have seen it because I know she was good.

3.  She loves the Lord with all her heart.

2.  She makes sure that all those great pictures taken in the summer get put online.  (And get taken for that matter)

1.  She is the most encouraging person I know!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chalkboard Paint

Its almost Christmas and I am feeling crafty.  No, I am not celebrating Christmas right now but I have to get a head start on My Christmas gifts.  I am not "crafting" today but just looking around.  I love all things with Chalkboard paint.  Here are some fun ideas.  Click here to see what you could do with Chalkboard paint. Really, you can use it anywhere!

Ideas #1
Ideas #2
Ideas #3

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tag II

In honor of Tim who has entered a Youtube Epic Movie Contest.  (which you can vote for him everyday.  Click here to vote)  I thought I would post one of my favorite movies that he has done.  Before the days where Tim won NBC's American Gladiator and even before the days he was the Kanakuk Kamps videogrpaher, He was a Kanakuk babysitter.  The full time directors have babysitters that are hired to help babysit their kids during the summer.  They are kamp like counselors.  I never was a kamp babysitter but I know they have a blast.  In 2002 (and many other years) Tim was the Cooper kids babysitter.  They would spend their summers making movies.  Of course Tim was the director and editor and producer.  I thought I would post it for you.  This is a 43 minute movie so you might have to make some time for it.  I hope you enjoy it. It was filmed in the summer all over K-1.  You will recgnize all the places.  Some of them have even changed!  p.s.  Most of you know Kristen and Rebecca as your counselor or leadership gal.  This is when Kristen was in highschool (maybe even Junior high) and Rebecca was K-1 camper age.  Some of you might be cabin mates with Claire!  I don't even think she was two yet!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Video from Tim

Here is another video that Tim Oliphant, our Kanakuk Video Director, is doing.  Check it out here and then click here to vote for him.  He even filmed it in the Kanakuk parking lot!