Friday, April 12, 2013

ONLY 50 DAYS!!!!!

50 DAYS!!!!  
In 50 DAYS the gates to Kanakuk fly open! In 50 DAYS Cars, buses, trains and planes will be delivering the greatest gifts any Kanakuk staffer could possibly ask for... KAMPERS! We cannot wait for these 50 DAYS to go by! We have been working hard to make this the best year Kamp has ever had! There will be all sorts of fun waiting for you inside the gates in 50 DAYS! I hope you all are pumped because I know I am! Have you picked out your party clothes yet because in 50 DAYS you are going to need them! I hear that the Kuk Dynasty party is going to be quacktastic! Who knows... maybe we will have some real ducks running... I mean waddling around!... 

I want to hear what you girls are excited about! Comment and let me know!

Love ya and see ya in 50 DAYS!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Find instructions here!
Guess what girls?! 
It is finally springtime! I love spring because it is like the world is waking up from a looooooooooong nap! Little squirrels start to appear, birds come around and it gets warmer! I love it! Today I thought I would leave you a little craft that you can do with your family to welcome the spring! It is a homemade bird feeder out of a pop bottle! How cool is that? You can not only see and feed the birdies, but you also get to recycle at the same time! DOUBLE SCORE! Holla at your parents and see if they want to do this with you! You can use all the great bird identifying skills you learned during nature class at kamp and show your parents how smart you are! Let me know what type of birds you see! The person who can identify the most bird species may get a little prize when they get to kamp this summer!