Tuesday, April 26, 2011

K-1 Klinics

Someone sent me this video and I thought why don't we do some of these sports as klinics at kamp?  Just kidding because this is some crazy stuff.  People are bold and have no fear.  I am amazed!  Don't try these at home!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Your K-1 Princesses!!!!

So, I spent last weekend hanging out with the Princesses for K-1.  All of the princesses (the 18 year old ones) that are elected the prior summer at K-2 come for a fun weekend.  there are girls there that will be the princess at K-2, K-1 and K-Kountry!  We spent a fun weekend planning stunt, learning about leadership, playing octopus ultimate frisbee (yes you read that right...ulitmate frisbee with a dead octopus)  We went to a thrift store and got all dressed up to go to sonic and bowling.  We played tons of games.  The dodgeball game was tied.  We didn't do a girls vs guys game....bummer!  Here are your princesses.

Here are the girls that will be the princess the 2nd month term.

Here is a group pic with the princesses for the first two week term.  (Yes...all you two weekers if you want to run for mini princess and someday run for the older princess...you need to start going the first two weeks of the summer!  No monthers...just you!)  Since we had three terms last summer we had to combine the princesses elected from 1st and 2nd term last summer.  Here is a pic of them

Here is a group pic of all the chiefs and princesses for all the kamps!  Get ready to have some fun because these guys and gals are awesome!