Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kanakuk Party Ideas

Okay, today I totally planned on putting another K-Life video up but then I thought I would need your help. I am listing the possible parties up for this summer and I thought I would get your opinions. We only have four but these are some that are in the running. Email me at reno@kanakuk.com to tell me which ones you like the best.

1.) Color Me Crazy (everything having to do with colors...might end in a huge color war

2.) K-Stravaganza - everything has to do with the letter K. You would dress us up like anything that starts with a K (and in Kanakuk world...even words that start with C can start with a K)

3.) Noahs Ark - flood, animals...water....

4.) World Fair - Everything having to do with a World Fair, different countries, and cultures

5.) The year 2050 - Everything has to do with the future, robots, technology

6.) Animal Farm - animals, farming, fair, tractors ect....

Let me know what you think OR if you have any other ideas!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Giving God Glory No Matter What

Okay so last night I watched the Alabama vs. Texas National Championship game and I started watching the game cheering for Alabama. (what can I say...I am a Sooner fan...don't be mad at me all you Texas Fans...keep reading) It was a really good game and although I am still not a Texas fan, I am a huge Colt McCoy Fan. I was sad to see him get hurt. But I was really excited about how he used his injury to give glory to the Lord. I am sure he was super disappointed to not get to play in the game that every football player dreams of playing in someday, but He knew that God had a plan and that God could use it for people to know Him! This is a great example that no matter what happens (good or bad) God wants to use your situation to tell others about Him! Good can always come from a bad situation! Texas may have lost but God showed himself in a big way through Colt. I also added a video from a ministry that films these videos called "I am Second" it is kind of like "Im Third" They are videos of famous people and people like you and me that put God before themselves. There was a really cool video of Colt McCoy and the Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Sam Bradford. Watch how they tell others how they put God first.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ribbon Barretts

This past summer Ribbon Barretts were the rage at kamp! (or at least at K-1) Many of you came with them and some of you even made them with me during Rest Period! They are back in!!! I keep seeing them on people and in stores! The great thing is that you can make them! I found this "how to" on www.marthastewart.com and thought I would share it with you. It is the perfect thing to do when you are bored at home. I think spending time with your family and friends doing something fun is way more fun than sitting in front of the T.V. all day! Anyway, Branson had a snow day and all the kids are out of school so it may be something you could do on a snow day!

Now, Martha Stewart gives great instructions but sometimes her "materials list" is a little expensive so I am going to give you a "revised materials list"

Barretts or hair clips from Walmart (99 cents)
Hot glue or super glue (maybe let your mom help you)
Grograine ribbon from Walmart or Hobby Lobby (I like the small-Medium size)
optional: Buttons, pins and all that fun stuff for extras.

Click on This to go to Martha's Instructions!: Ribbon Barretts

Keep looking for my next few blogs...I am putting another K-Life video from this summer. I am also going to be putting a great Kanakuk Give away for someone!