Monday, June 13, 2011

Oscar Night And Movie Night

Lights, Camera, Action....The last few nights have been fun.  We have had half of the cabins in camp and half of the cabins out on trip.  The kids that were in camp last night had a movie premiere party.  The girls were escorted to the movie premeire in a limo!  They walked the red carpet and had a blast.  Here are the comercials that they filmed:

Tonight the kids who were back from trip had an evening at the Oscars.  They also rode in a limo and walked the red carpet.  Here are the movies they filmed:

Friday, June 10, 2011

Donut Party

Every Term we honor our campers that have been coming back for years and years with a Donut party.  Its fun to get these girls together and hear why they like coming back.  The girls get to connect with people from other cabins and we have a really fun time.  Here are some fun pics of all the girls who have been coming to camp for four years or more

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Cabin Message For You

Tonight was March Madness.  The Kiowas won the Championship Game and the Kickapoos won the MVP Game.  Both games were exciting and each won was won by a mere two points.  If you want to see the footage go to

Here is a fun cabin message for you

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cabin 5 Cabin Message

I think this blog can speak for itself.  This is cabin 5. For more of todays activities go to

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'M Third Sunday

 Today was the first full day of kamp, it was I'm Third Sunday AND we had our first party...Willy Wonka!   If you check out you can find a highlight video of the days events, footage of the Joe's I'm Third Talk and even an interview with Joe about why he loves K-1.

Which brings me to tell you why we have two blogs.  My husband is the K-1 Social Media Director.  He runs around all day videoing and tweeting and letting moms and dads know whats going on at kamp for both sides.  He is able to do what I can't do...have a video camera in his hands at all times.  My blog is written from the eyes of a director.  I hope to show you little things that a highlight reel won't pick up.  I hope to open the door to the little moments of K-1 that you aren't expecting to happen.  I will post pictures and videos too but my #1 priority is to be a director.  Diane and I  are teaching classes, meeting with staff and making sure kamp is happening they way it should.  The video camera can't always be with me...but I am excited for you to see kamp throuh my eyes.

I sometimes grade honor cabin.  The kids know the honor cabin "grader" as the "Mystery Lady"  I am not usually the grader but I was needed today so I stepped in.  The kids go all out to clean their cabin so that they can win the big prize.  Some cabins even write the "Mystery Lady" messages on their porch made out of peat gravel.  Here is the message I stumbled upon this morning and it made my heart swell.

"I Love Jeuses"  This was on the porch of cabin one.  I love that they wanted the "Mystery Lady" to know this.  I don't think Jesus cares one bit that His name is spelled Jeuses.

Here is a sneak preview of the party tonight

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Opening Day

Today is the day tha I wake up and get to tell counselors what cabin they will be counseling.  Then the rest of the morning we run around getting ready for this moment.  We run around all day everyday during Staff Training Week...but today, there is extra spring in our step.  The kids are arriving and its exciting.  We did pause today and show our staff this video.  I cry every time I see it.  I hope these parents got to say all the things that you would want to say to your kid's counselors.  This time is what we call the "Worth of a Child" talk.  I wanted you to see it.

Soon after this talk the counselors get the names of the kids in their cabin.  They read through your notes, comments, and take note of every kampers needs.  Here they meet their kiddos "on paper".  In just two short hours those pictures become real faces.  Did I mention that I love this day.  We had a fun opening day.  The kids found out their cabin, were introduced and literally slid down a slide to their counselors.  Our theme is "Game On" so they got to tailgate with all the staff and kampers.  Here are a few shots of some gals getting introduced.

Check out for more clips of tonights activities.  Stay tuned...Its I'm Third Sunday with Joe White and then its a Party Day.  Shhhhh...its a suprise.

The Kampers Are Coming

The kampers are on their way and we are ready.  I thought it would be fun for you to hear why staff like to work here.  If your kiddo is in cabin 1 or 16 this first two weeks...Amyjo is the first interivew (Cabin 1 Counselor) and Hannah (Cabin 16 Counselor) is the second.  The kitchie is named Heidi!  If you put a kid on the bus check k1.kanakuk.comfor updates.  Our social media director will be tweeting what buses arrive and when!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The counselors have fun at Kamp too

During Staff Training Week we have had a kickball tournament with all the staff.  Tonight was the championship game.  The winning team got to go on a night off afterwards.  We are having fun getting kamp ready for you, but we are ready for you to get here.  I am about to go to bed so I can wake-up to my last day at kamp without kampers....its about time.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The K-1 Bathrooms

I am sooooo sorry it has been soooo long since I have posted!  I have been busy getting camp ready with all the staff for you.  I have been sewing.  What for?  Your bathrooms.  I can't wait for you to see what you did to the bathrooms.

New Bathroom Curtains!  Every Cabin is different.  I can't wait for you to see it.  Now I have to go see if the new 60inch flat screen is installed in the dining hall.  Wait...oops...I think I might have slipped on a secret!  Its official....2 1/2 days until the kids come!